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Fiber Frame

Fiber Frame Outdoor Banner Stand (In Ground)


Includes Vinyl Banner No Extra Charge! Free Banner provided is single sided, 13 oz hemmed and grommeted outdoor durable. 

What's the catch? Only that you provide the banner to specs ready to print in a pdf or jpeg format. 

Design can be provided for a nominal fee based on your needs. Please call us to discuss design requirements.

This in ground outdoor banner stand frame is free standing and installs very quickly. Ultra durable and yet lightweight. Holds banners tight in place. Designed by an engineer in the billboard industry, the Fiber-Frame product line is built to satisfy uncompromising standards of strength, longevity and value. It’s modern and minimal, yet rugged design makes it more economical and more effective than any alternative.

Our Fiber Frame Series comes in 4 different Lengths for mounting in ground permanently or temporarily. 

Great for churches, schools, real estate land, car dealerships, corporate sales events and outdoor farmers market festivals!

If you want to order your fiber frame banner stand without a free printed banner just don't upload a graphic and we will only send the frame. *Take note that the banners must be printed to fit the frame (see each product page for info)

Fast shipping is available within 2-4 business days!

Super strong outdoor display stand to withhold the elements.  Sun, wind, rain, snow - NO PROBLEM!

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