Sign Frames & Banner Frames

Perfect for holding Coroplast or Aluminum Signs or Banners in the ground over the long term, our sign frames and banner frames make your banners on a stand look great. Perfect for churches, schools or businesses to advertise outdoor events or upcoming schedules. Affordable outdoor banners hold up great in any weather condition. Sun, rain, snow or even strong winds will not affect the outdoor banner frame. For portable use, see our Sidewalk sign frames. These sign frames are changeable and come with corrugated (coroplast) sign boards printed in full color. Many sizes to choose and available in black or white. We also carry a line of metal a-frame sign frames as well as metal in ground sign frames to be used for real estate or commercial use. 

Sizes: Large in ground frames available up to 4 ft x 10 ft and as small as 3 ft x 5 ft. 

Banners: You can use your own pre-printed banner by someone else or order one from us. If your banner is full size (the size of the frame) and has grommets already in it, you can use your own bungees to wrap the banner around the frame  for a tight fit. When we print the banner for you on the fiber frame outdoor stand frame, we print the banners just a bit smaller to fit the frame and match the grommets to the riveted attachments that line up with the grommets on the banner with the frame itself. 

Strength: So you see other frames on the internet and you wonder, how strong is this frame I am looking at here. So the magic is in the low profile design element along with the strength of the high density fiberglass material used in the poles. Our frames hold up so long that we have people using them 5 years later and all they do is order new banners for their banner frame.

Install: Nobody likes to install banner frames. You have the concrete, the post hole digger and two strong people who can do it. Plus the heavy frame. Yikes! It's a nightmare. We solved all that with the fiber frame banner stand. Our frame is assembled and installed without digging any holes. Yep! No digging. With your frame we send along two poles that you hammer into the ground then you slide the frame you just assembled over the poles! That's it. You're done. The beautiful benefit to this process is you can immediately remove the frame. Nobody else knows you can do this. The frame looks buried in the ground! It's not. You can remove it instantly and bring it inside. 

Weight: The unit is made from HD Fiberglass so it's super strong, yet light weight. One person can lift it off the poles and bring it inside in case of weather or to change out the banner. 

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