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A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

Grab their attention with a custom A-Frame Sidewalk Sign


A-Frame Sidewalk Signs are impossible to overlook when strategically placed. Placing at ground level where people walk or drive right by is a guaranteed way to get attention. A-frame sidewalk signs have many different uses, but the most common use is retail advertising. Sales, menu specials, and hours of operation often don A-frame sidewalk signs. However, they can also be used for parking detail. Example: Extra Parking in Back. Use an A-frame sidewalk sign to guide customers to a sale inside your store. Example: All Items in Back 75% off. Even use them as cautionary signs. Example: CAUTION: WET FLOOR. The sky really is the limit with a custom A-Frame sidewalk sign.


Some Things to Consider Before Ordering a Custom A-Frame Sidewalk Sign:


1) What is the size of the sidewalk or area where the sign will be placed? This will help you determine the size of A-Frame Sidewalk Sign you need. You want your sign to be front and center where it can be seen, but you do not want it in an area that creates a tripping or falling hazard for individuals. We offer A-Frame Sidewalk signs ranging from 24” wide to 36” wide.


2. What is your choice of sign style? Our A-Frame Sidewalk Signs are double-sided so you have the option of displaying the same thing on both sides  or a  different      message on each side. 


We offer the following types of A-Frame Sidewalk Signs:


Signicade Plasticade A-Frame Sidewalk Sign Line

Wooden Omegaboard A-Frame Signs

Changeable Inserts


3. What type of material would you like? We offer durable plastic, metal, and wood. You can also choose  whether you want your sign to tip-and-roll. Moving your sign during the day to different locations will garner more attention!