4 Amazing Signs and Banners for Trade Show Marketing

4 Amazing Signs and Banners for Trade Show Marketing

Sep 11th 2019

When promoting an organization at a trade show, marketers need to pull out all the stops to make their company stand out and grab the attention of event-goers. When you only have limited space at a trade show or other venue, it helps to have high-quality marketing materials that capture attention and impresses the audience. Arrowhead Sign Company has some amazing, high-quality marketing signs that can help businesses put their best foot forward. Here are four fantastic signs and banners for trade show marketing.

Printed Banners and Banner Stands

Signs are great, but the larger they are, the heavier they become. This feature makes them a less suitable choice for traveling marketers who need something portable. Arrowhead Sign Company has printed banners that can be used to display any full-color image you upload. Marketers can easily have a large banner printed of the signage they want to show at a trade show or event. The banners are lightweight, yet durable. They can be easily ported from event to event and be set up by a single person. Arrowhead Sign Company also has a wide array of banner stand types that gives marketers more options for how they use their printed banners to grab the focus of potential customers.

Custom Printed Tent Stand

When marketers are planning an outdoor event, they often use tents to protect their gear from the elements and to provide a shady place for clients to speak with representatives from the organization. While a plain event tent would work, smart marketers can use a custom printed canopy tent from Arrowhead Sign Company to advertise their brand from afar. At an outdoor event, or even on a trade show floor, a custom printed tent will stand out in the event and leave a memorable impression on the people the market speaks with. Our 10’x10’x10’ custom canopy tents are perfect for almost any event and can be used to display any graphic you have in mind that fits the size.

Feather Flags

Flags are great for advertising an organization to people passing by. Besides trade shows and other marketing events, companies can use flags for advertising sales in the stores or for relaying valuable information. For example, if you want to send a message to people when they arrive, feather flags can be set up outside. The flags produced by Arrowhead Sign Company are made from durable materials and ink, so they maintain their high-quality look even while weathering the elements. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the number of ways these flags can be used are limitless.

Fabric Popup Displays

Arrowhead Sign Company makes fabric popup displays, which are essentially mini presentation stages that marketers can bring with them to an event. Marketers can have a huge 8ft. to 10ft. backdrop that can be printed with a company logo or any graphic that's appropriately sized. The displays can come with lighting systems and even a fabric cover that can be used on the stand. These displays are relatively lightweight and easy to set up, so marketers can take them with them to trade events and presentations. These beautiful popup displays can be shipped in one business day, so it's never too late to improve your travel team's marketing presentation tools.

While it’s high-quality products that seal the deal during a trade show, marketers have to get the attention of passersby first. The signs, displays, and banners you can get from Arrowhead Sign Company can help your organization stand out among the rest and make a stronger impression with potential clients.

If you have any questions about getting high-quality signage for your business, send Arrowhead Sign Company a message online. We can help you decide which items would be most effective at influencing your target audience based on the venue you'll be using.