6 Practical Uses for Fiber Frame Outdoor Banner Stands

6 Practical Uses for Fiber Frame Outdoor Banner Stands

Posted by Arrowhead Signs on Aug 10th 2018

When you need a sturdy stand to hold up banners for your event, your best bet would be to go with Fiber Frame outdoor banner stands. Don't believe how versatile they can be? Look no further than this article!

With most businesses spending around 10% of their annual revenue on advertising, you need to stretch every dollar as far as possible. With pay-per-click advertising rates and media ads, you might feel like you're getting ripped off trying to compete. However, with fiber frame outdoor banner stands, you can supplement other advertising projects with something guaranteed to be seen.

Here are 6 practical ways you can promote your brand with fiber frame banner stands.

1. Get More Web Traffic

If you're not getting enough traffic to your website, you might not be hitting all the right places to promote yourself online. While everyone is online these days, not everyone is using those news and information sites that display the ads you're paying for. If your online ad buying isn't giving you what you're looking for, it might be time to take your URL to an IRL audience.

You can increase web traffic with an outdoor display stand. While you might have thought it was only for people at a trade show, it can promote your e-commerce site.

If you're competing with a lot of big box stores in your area, you might not think you could ever compete with them as people drive down the road. The thing is, when you take up space by the side of the road, you're on equal footing with those big box stores. All they have are their signs to let people know they're around.

You could be getting more traffic to your e-commerce site to start taking from the pot that your big competitors take for granted.

2. Get More Foot Traffic At Trade Shows

If you're at a trade show, you might think that all you have on your side are quality products and good salesmanship. You can get a head start on the other exhibitors at a trade show if you advertise to your audience before they enter the show.

Whether your audience sees your sign a half a mile before they pull up into the convention center or if they see it at the entrance, make it your advantage. An outdoor display sign can direct people to your table or your display from the moment they arrive.

RAther than having to compete with the rest of the pack, you can have an opening move that puts all the other displays behind yours. Give a preview as to what your audience can expect and you'll find people excited to check you out and have a conversation.

3. Increase Special Event Attendance

If you've been wracking your brain trying to figure out how to increase attendance at an upcoming corporate event, you might be trying every trick in the book. Radio ads, newspaper articles, and online ads are a great way to let people know about your corporate event. An outdoor banner sign that people see on their way home every day from work can increase their awareness of you.

It's said that people need to see your name or hear about you three times before they remember you. Putting your outdoor banner sign out in front of your potential audience gives you the opportunity to do that with little effort.

If you've pulled out all the stops to get a special guest or a speaker for your event, don't leave them with an empty room. Fill it up by announcing your event with an outdoor banner sign.

4. Announce a New Location

If you run a car dealership, a school district, or a church, it can be hard to get the word out about a new location. TV ads are expensive, especially for non-profits. Sending out mail to everyone in your area isn't always practical either.

An outdoor banner sign could do the trick for less than the cost of printing up a mailer, let alone postage.

Get the word out and move your sign around with an outdoor banner stand. Its durability means that it can withstand the elements. You can also reassemble the stand every week if you want to place it by every major intersection where you think your audience needs to see it.

5. Announce a New Product Line

For e-commerce sites, it's tough to announce a new product. Trends change fast in every industry. When it comes time to release a new product, you might not be able to deploy a media ad in time.

Depending on how fast things change, media ads could start eating up your profits.

With an outdoor banner stand, you can make a big announcement every time there's a new set of products. Keep the stand and replace the banner itself each time and you'll save money as you advertise.

This is a cheap and easy way to keep your clients informed, even if they're checked out of what's going on.

6. Plant a Flag Before Competitors Do

If you're in a competitive field with lots of people vying for the same audience, you could be wrestling with your competitors constantly. When it comes time to announce a new seasonal promotion or if a change in technology requires a new product line, it sends everyone scrambling.

Your competitors might have more money and resources than you. Even if you develop the best product before everyone else, without ad money, you'll fall behind. An outdoor banner stand is your best bet to plant a literal flag in the ground before anyone else does.

They're so easy to set up that there's no good reason you can't get ahead of the competition.

Fiber Frame Outdoor Banner Stands Are Practical

When you choose to use fiber frame outdoor banner stands to promote your business, you're getting one of the best returns on your investment. For such a small fee, you can get so much use out of your banner stand. As your business changes, so can your banners.

As your business grows and changes, check out our guide for making sure you can keep your customers engaged and informed.