How Signs Can Help You Reopen Your Business

How Signs Can Help You Reopen Your Business

Sep 2nd 2022

As businesses reopen during the coronavirus, our way of life will change as we have ever known it. The new normal contains social distancing, masks, and staying six feet apart. Your business must be prepared to live in a world, acknowledging hygiene measures meant to keep you and your customers safe. Signs that your business uses will be an excellent way to communicate with your customers and staff as you navigate this new world.

  • 1)Use signs to help social distancing.

For your business to remain open successfully without germs passing from one customer to another, guidelines of staying six feet apart must stay in place. Using social distancing signs can help your customers know exactly how to maintain the necessary distance while still visiting your business. Floor decals and other floor guidelines are an excellent way to help your customers respect distances.

  • 2)Announce that you are back open.

As lockdowns lift in areas around the country, many customers may not be aware that your business is back open to them. Use sign stands to announce to your customers that you are now open for business. Use exterior banners and flags for advertising your opening and any restricted hours you may have in place. You may even want to consider car door signs that will announce your business to the neighborhood.

  • 3) Announce your commitment to hygiene.

Your business may be open, but that doesn't mean that COVID-19 has gone away. Your customers need to see that your business remains committed to practicing good hygiene. Make sure you have signboards posted around your business that announces your hygiene best practices, such as frequent handwashing and sanitization. Have hand sanitizers regularly available and let customers know about mask-wearing rules that they need to follow.

  • 4)Show appreciation for essential workers and your community.

Showing solidarity and positivity during this time is one of the best ways to align with your customers. Create signs that support for the healthcare workers, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, and other essential workers that were on the frontlines – and continue to be. Showing your support for your community with banners or signs can be a great way to send the right message at this time.

You might be nervous about opening your business amid such uncertainty. One thing is for sure, by communicating the right message to your customers, you are giving them a sense of peace and confidence in your business. Make sure you contact the Arrowhead Sign Company to create the exact signs you need for your business.