Pop Up Banners come in many different shapes and sizes

Pop Up Banners come in many different shapes and sizes

Posted by Daniel Ricks on Nov 21st 2017

Pop Up Banner Displays Bigger isn't always better

Get Noticed

Getting noticed is the key, but not all exhibitors have a big budget. Trade show exhibitions are popular places to take advantage of the mass crowds and advertise services or products. These events offer each exhibitor with a specific area, or booth, to showcase their business or product. In an effort to get their presentation noticed, within the brief period of time that visitors are passing by their booth, companies often invest in a variety of display equipment to make the most of their area. One of the most popular and affordable types of trade show displays are pop up banners, which are mobile banner units that are easy to transport and set up. As the name implies, the printed graphics display literally pops up.


Portability is another feature of a pop up banner. These sign displays are designed to be easily transported from office to exhibition. Pop up banner displays are designed to be easily assembled. It is often that companies can only send one person to an event, so it helps if displays are able to be assembled by one person. Being as the graphic materials are not permanently attached, pop-ups provide companies with greater flexibility. Pop-up equipment can be used for different types of events with different sets of graphics. The same equipment can be used at a career exhibition today and used at a trade fair tomorrow by just swapping out the graphic materials.

Something to be said about simplicity

If the budget allowed, most would probably go for the grand colorful Pop Up Display, but there is still something to be said about classic simplicity. Pop up retractable banner stands can be very impressive...specially if paired with an attractive full color table throw. There are various trade show displays, for various budgets. All of which have the same goal in mind, which is to get noticed. Pop up banners are a good investment, because of the practicality and versatility of the product. It is impressive enough to display at a trade show, but is also practical for smaller venues. Pop up display graphics are easily changed out or updated, which is an added bonus. If you display your product at outdoor exhibits or festivals, you may want to consider an outdoor banner stand.

Making an impression

An exhibitor may only have a few seconds to catch the attention of walk-by traffic. That in mind, design layout and attractive colors could be beneficial, as well as visible artwork and logos that utilize the material space. Ultimately, the exhibitor is what is really going to make the best and lasting impression, so they should enjoy what they do, which will help them to have a wonderful trade show experience.

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