Things To Keep In Mind When Using Sidewalk Signs

Things To Keep In Mind When Using Sidewalk Signs

May 24th 2021

Small business owners usually lack the capital to invest in expensive marketing channels such as ads in newspapers, radios, or television. They need an affordable medium through which they can get in touch with people and let them know about their services or products. One of the most effective yet affordable means of letting potential customers know about you and your business is sidewalk signs.

Sidewalk signs are particularly useful for stores, restaurants, boutiques, etc., as they are known for their portability and ability to catch the attention of passersby. The real effectiveness of sidewalk signs lie in the message and how strategically you create it. In this blog, we will tell you what are the things that you must include in your sidewalk signs. Let’s get started.

Tell Them Who You Are

If you are already using sidewalk signs but they do not have a proper name or logo of your business, then it is time you include one. Of course, a name or a logo is not the most essential thing on your sign, but it is important that you let people know who you are. You want passersby to remember you, which you can achieve by adding something like, for example, a picture, a logo, or simply the name of your store on the sidewalk sign. Just make sure the name is easily readable and if using a picture or logo, it be should be clear.

Give Them A Reason To Choose You

The next thing you need to do is get passersby to walk into your store. Merely your logo or name isn’t going to bring the potential customers in. You need to give them a reason. You need to tell them what you do or how you are different from your competitors. For example, if you are a coffee shop you can have an image of a cup on the sign along with some common names of coffee drinks. Or, you can add offers such as 10% off a large latter or something like that. With messages like these, your passersby will know that you sell coffee and your amazing offers on your drinks will give them a reason to walk into your cafe.

Specify The Time They Can Visit You

It is important that you include the hours of operation on your sidewalk sign every day in the same place so that potential customers know when they can come in to enjoy your services or buy your products. You can also specify timings during which customers can enjoy special offers. For instance, 20% off a small latte from 10 to 12. Such an offer will work as an effective call-to-action tactic. You can change the timings and offers to bring in different types of customers.

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