Tips to Refresh Your Existing Trade Show Display

Tips to Refresh Your Existing Trade Show Display

Jun 11th 2020

A well-designed and properly constructed trade show display will last for many years. However, your branding, marketing goals, photography, and color schemes are continually changing. The size of the trade shows you are attending may be growing, but the budget you have to create a new booth probably isn’t. While this may seem like a huge problem, there are some budget-saving and time-saving ways to revitalize, update, and repurpose your current booth.

The Graphics

When you update your graphics, you have a simple and effective way to make a significant visual impact and change the look. Some companies will change the graphics used on their booth from one show to the next to maximize the message they are trying to convey based on the show they are displaying or the audience they are trying to target. This is also an affordable way for you to make a dramatic visual change to your booth's setup without any serious structural alterations.

The Lighting

Distinctive product lighting, LED accents, color-changing lights, and lightboxes can help transform any exhibit without a huge price tag. Remember, lighting technology is continually growing and changing, so you will find an array of new options, especially when it comes to color programming capabilities.

Flooring Considerations

While changing the style or color of your booth floor can be quite dramatic visually, making a sensory change from wood to tile or carpet to wood can be just as impactful. Now, there is also data-collecting flooring technology that will allow you to capture invaluable insights on the way visitors are moving through and interacting with your trade show display.

The Use of Hanging Signs

You can easily attract more attention on the show floor when you have a huge, hanging structure. Different sizes and shapes are available, which means the sky is really the limit. You can also add dramatic and motion lighting options, which add even more flair to your presentation for a very small budget.


The physical layout of your trade show booth can be easily altered, and this is something that doesn’t cost very much to do. In fact, you can change the look of the exhibit without having to start from scratch completely. Each trade show will have a different floorplan, and the layout of the booth can be adapted to every fit, for every show.

Effective Ways to Update Your Trade Show Booth

As you can see, there are several simple and effective ways to update your trade show booth and make it more functional than ever before. If you need help with this process, it is a good idea to hire the pros. They can evaluate your trade show booth and help you make the changes necessary to make it more effective and eye-catching for those attending the event. Being informed and working with professionals is the best way to achieve the desired results.