Waiting for a Sign: Creative Ways to Advertise

Waiting for a Sign: Creative Ways to Advertise

Feb 12th 2020

These days, the most effective methods of getting word out about a product seem to be done through social media and ad targeting programs. There are many ways to promote items online and most of them are pretty noticeable. From commercials between videos we watch to pop-ups demanding our attention whenever we click to a favorite site, there seems to be no shortage of stuff that people want to sell. The larger companies will often do whatever they can to use the internet to advertise, which can be hard to compete with especially with newer or smaller businesses.

Selling Your Product

Urban marketing is considered one of the best methods of selling something that doesn’t implement the active use of technology to get the word out. Some suggest using chalk to create a design on the sidewalk to direct attention to a social media outlet. Having it somewhere people are likely to walk by helps catch the eye, especially if it is a busy area where more are inclined to be focused on their phones and less on their surroundings. Using this tactic, with the addition of posters and signs, can be a very powerful method of advertising.

Many of us have seen a sandwich board outside of a bodega or small business on the strip. Though some try to call attention to what they sell, often the board is nothing more than basic information on a large, unobvious piece of wood. Even though a good product may go a long way towards getting people to take notice in your business, it might also be a good idea to try a more clever technique in design, colors, and style. Being able to get someone to stop and read an interesting board brings you that much closer to a sale.

Why Phraseology Matters

Sometimes what isn’t being said is more important than what is. There are certain types of words you can use to really push an item to stand out more than the rest. While many entrepreneurs already understand the benefits that stem from having good interpersonal communication, a well-placed and comprehensive sign also has the ability to enunciate key points effectively. Using the right types of words can make a difference when it comes to reaching your target audience.

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