Tank Tube 515

Trade Show Tube Carrying Case - The Tank Tube 515

Durable Ribbed Construction Case - Crush Proof!

  • The Tank Tube is Made Strong! Heavy Duty Construction Case.
  • This Unit Comes With Double Wall Construction- Smooth Inside
  • Lightweight yet Durable.
  • Able to withstand 7200 lbs /sq ft pressure
  • Spring -Loaded steel rubber grip handle
  • 1½ strap with side- release buckle
  • 6½ x10" Label area
  • 1/2" Foam lining top and bottom

The lightweight cylindrical composition and heavy-duty construction of the 515 construction tank tube features a ribbed exterior that provides enhanced durability and protection. A double wall design features a smooth interior with a foam-lined top and bottom, and a side-release buckle ensures that the lid remains in place while shipping.  This case is crush proof.

Wheels Optional. Ships fast. Free UPS ground included. No other shipping option available at this time due to size of product.