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Mesh Banners Printed in Full Color. 

Available in 2 ft - 3 ft - 4 ft - 5 ft vertical or horizontal and up to 20 ft long. 

Our printed mesh banners are a nice solution for hanging on buildings, fences, marching bands, schools, events and fund raising. 
Can be mounted on storefronts and windows. 
Includes grommets every 2 ft.

  • High resolution print
  • Water proof finish
  • 10 oz 30% perferated mesh 

Sizes available online: See drop down list above.

Any custom size is available offline. Contact us at 623-242-5034 to order or inquire for offline purchase of custom finishing. 

Perfect for buildings, churches, schools, trade show events, concerts, speaker cover banners, and trade show booths. 

Fade resistant and durable for outdoor use. Roll-able and can be stored in a cool dry place for many years of use.


Finishing Options:

  • Hem & Grommet every 2 ft we will grommet every 2 ft (approx) all around depending on size of banner.
  • Hem and grommet in corner only option is hemmed all around and grommets placed in each corner.
  • No hem just grommets every two feet means we will blunt cut to the edge of the banner and not hem the banner. 
  • Grommets to match fiber frame outdoor banner stand means you have one of our fiber frame banner stands and you need grommets to match the fasteners.
  • Pole pockets left and right side means you will get a 2" pocket sewn on the left and right side and closed at the top.
  • Pole pockets top and bottom means you will get a 2" pocket sewn into the banner on the top and bottom open on both ends to slide a dowel into the pocket. 
  • Design proof means we take your print ready file you attached and place it into the proofing process and send you back a proof to review and approve before starting production. You don't need to use this option if you are certain and don't want to delay your order by up to 1 business day.