Standing Sanitizer Stations



Free standing sanitation stations are the perfect addition to any commercial, public, medical, industrial or private spaces where people work, visit, or shop. Fitting easily into any setting, these sanitation stations provide the ultimate in personal hygiene and disinfecting solutions. Providing sanitizing solutions is the best way to promote personal health and peace of mind.

Health and safety are of utmost concern, protect employees as well as consumers and clients with free standing stations that offer reliable touch free hand sanitation. The motion sensor touch free automatic provides the Each system consists of refillable dispensers and premium grade Sanitizer, in addition you can choose modifications with add ons that suit your specific needs and space requirements.

Manufactured out of quality, sturdy materials, free standing sanitation stations use innovative technology to deliver dependable disinfecting of germs and viruses on the skin. Through the use of sensors, the device deposits the perfect amount of sanitizer for a zero touch experience. This component allows for hands to receive the sanitizer without ever having to touch the device, keeping the spread of germs to a minimum.

Accessories to free standing sanitation stations include baskets, drip trays, and features such as double sided sanitizer delivery systems. These additions can increase the systems self containing services by providing everything your customers and employees need in one station.

These devices are batter powered, and height adjustable, making them portable and able to be placed just where needed. Placing a self standing sanitization station at doorways, counters, waiting rooms, and areas where people move through frequently will enable you to provide a safe and healthy experience for your employees, consumers, and clients.

Show your employees, customers, clients, and guests that their health is your top priority that you are committed to providing a clean and safe experience.

Perfect for:

*Medical Facilities *Retail Establishments *Restaurants * Schools *Gyms *Religious Institutions *Grocery Stores *Parks *Industrial Warehouses & Factories *Lobbies & Foyers *Indoor Play Areas

How Sanitizer Works

Hand sanitizer provides many advantages over hand washing with soap and water, self standing sanitization stations are effective and efficient in administration

  • Require less time than hand washing, works almost instantly
  • Quickly kills microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses on the hands
  • Self standing stations and hand sanitizing wall mounts are more accessible
  • Reduces bacterial count on hands
  • Less irritating to skin than soaps
  • Can condition skin depending on product used
  • Provides instant and quick protection for people in any environment