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Trade Show Displays, Fabric Pop Up Tube Displays

Fabric Tube Displays and Pop Up Displays


Whether it is for a trade show or a permanent display at another location, fabric tube displays and pop up displays are a very good way for businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their message in an appealing and professional-looking manner. Some companies still decide to print out posters or other paper signs, but when you see a tension fabric display for the first time, you would easily understand the difference in quality. Not only will the display look infinitely better and more professional, but it is going to last for a very long time.


Buying Fabric Tube Displays and Pop Up Displays–

These tension fabric displays are resistant to wrinkles and they are washable, which means the buyer is able to reuse them as many times as they want. It is possible to purchase specific fabric tube displays that are ideal for outdoor or indoor use, while every one of the displays features the best quality dye sublimation printing. All of these features ensure that when a customer or business is putting their money in these displays, they are getting fantastic value. The displays will look great, and there should not be any issues when it comes to durability.


Features –

Every one of the fabric tube displays and pop up displays on sale has the dye sublimation feature, while they are also scratch resistant and fully washable. With a hard case shell, which is available as an add-on to the order, the customer is getting complete protection for their display. Whether they are going quickly from one trade show to another over a period of a few days, or they want to have these displays ready to go at a moment’s notice, being able to store them in a hard-shell case is a huge advantage. It ensures the display will never get damaged, wrinkled, scratched or faded in any way, even if it is being stored for a few weeks or months at a time.


If some customers do not like the idea of having their fabric tube displays in a hard case, or they do not want to spend the extra money, a soft canvas bag is provided with the purchase for free. The soft canvas bag also includes a handle at the top, which ensures that anyone can easily close it up and carry around the display. The third option with regards to the storage and displaying of the displays is the hard case and podium print combination. The podium print really helps with displaying the signs at various events or locations.


Different Options –

With respect to these fabric displays, there are a few different options available for customers. There are the 8ft curved and straight displays, and the 10ft curved and straight displays. Examples of how the displays would look are visible on our website, which should help the customer make the decision between the curved and straight displays. The straight displays are going to come with supports on the two ends, to ensure the display is upright and not going to fall anytime soon. 


However, the curved displays are comfortably bendable, which means they do not require any additional support to stand upright. Aside from aesthetics and how they stand upright, the curved display may appeal to some because of how it is structured. Having different messages or images in the center and the two sides can really help companies that are looking to advertise different products or services to customers or potential clients. In either case, the end product is extremely high quality, whether it is a curved or straight tube display. All the displays are extremely high resolution, coming in at 720 x 720 when printed.


Single or Double-Sided –

One of the most ingenious options related to these fabric displays is the possibility of having a double-sided display. For businesses who have secured a spot near the middle of a trade show, which is often the most sought after position, having a double-sided display can help a lot. People are able to learn about the business and its products or services as they walk by in either direction. It is up to the customer to choose whether they want the same image on both sides, or whether they would like different images on either side.


The double-sided nature of the fabric displays is also useful as it allows for customers to get a “two in one” product. The price of the double-sided tension fabric display is slightly more than the single sided display, but it is definitely cheaper than getting two single sided displays. So, if you are looking to get two displays, but you only intend to show one of them off at a time, the double-sided option is a very intriguing possibility.


Added Features –

Customers have to make a few decisions when they are ready to complete their order. The first option pertains to choosing whether they want a single sided or double sided display, and then they must choose the size of the display. As mentioned above, 8-ft and 10-ft are the two size options, and customers can decide on a curved or straight display. The price of the final product may change depending on the potential turnaround. For instance, an order that is completed in 5-7 days will cost less than an order done in 3-4 days, while the turnaround time of 1-2 days is the most expensive option on offer.


The displays can also come with two LED lights, if the option is requested, while the hard case is available with or without an added podium print. And with respect to the designs of the fabric tube displays, customers have the option of selecting one of the existing designs the company offers, while they can also upload their own design through the website. If there are any questions or concerns about the product, or some type of customization is required for the order, customers are encouraged to contact the company online or over the phone. Any potential issues with the order of these fabric displays can be easily resolved by the company’s customer service team.

Making a Case for Trade Show Carrying Cases 

If you or your business attends or plans on attending a trade show, you definitely need to consider purchasing trade show carrying cases. You may think it's just an added expense, but let us take a minute to make a case for trade show carrying cases. Protection The number one reason you should consider getting trade show carrying cases is for protection of your trade show gear. Not only did you spend money to purchase your trade show gear, you probably spent a lot of time researching and choosing the right gear. Let's not forget the time you spent coming up with the best banners and logos for your product. You need to make sure you protect your trade show gear. A banner stand won't be much use to you if you show up to your booth and it is dented and malfunctioning . Safety Another important reason to purchase trade show carrying cases has to do with safety. Not just safety for you and your gear, but for others that might be setting up at a trade show. If you have ever attended a trade show, you know that many times, you are required to walk a decent distance in order to sign in and set up your trade show booth. You may even have to wait in line. If your arms are full trying to juggle large banners, boxes of marketing merchandise and pamphlets, and banner stands, there is a high likelihood of two things: 1. You will drop something or maybe everything causing hazards for others participating in the trade show, or 2. You will have trade show items piled so high you can't see, causing another hazard to you and other trade show participants. Trade show carrying cases can help you get your trade show gear where you need it to be in a compact and safe way. If you have ever struggled to get to your trade show booth, or had to make several trips to get your gear piece by piece, then you know the benefits that trade show carrying cases could provide. Take a look at our selection, and choose the carrying cases that suit your needs.