7 Awesome Trade Show Display Ideas to Help Attract Visitors

7 Awesome Trade Show Display Ideas to Help Attract Visitors

Posted by Arrowhead Sign Company on Aug 22nd 2018

7 Awesome Trade Show Display Ideas to Help Attract Visitors

If you want to make the most out of your time at a trade show, you need to attract visitors. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure your booth is interesting enough to stand out from the crowd. These 7 awesome trade show display ideas will help you get started.

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Trade shows are an opportunity for you to attract visitors, broadcast your company's vision, and earn potentially life-long customers. It's up to you to make a worthy first impression at your next show.

The truth: tables, pamphlets, and handshakes don't go as far as they used to. Yes, you should absolutely invest in great pamphlets and shake the hands of your visitors. However, you'll need a creative display to attract visitors in the first place.

And if you're in need of trade show display ideas, you've found the right article! Below, we'll go over seven creative ways to rope in an audience so that you can sell your product or service under a spotlight.

1. Phone Charging Station

People are tapped into their phones like never before. Over 75% of Americans own a smartphone and use them for everything from directions to the trade show to researching companies there.

One of the best ways you can attract visitors of any age or interest is to set up a phone charging booth. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it should announce plainly that anyone can charge their phone there.

Thankfully, you should only need to purchase or bring a few sets of chargers as most phones use only a handful of charger types. Once there, the rest of your marketing kicks in and representatives can meet potential customers in person.

2. Covetable Merchandise

At a convention with tons of booths and crowds of professionals, adding a little swag to the mix is like investing in walking marketing.

Items like hats, bags, buttons, and lanyards are great ways to advertise your company with practical gifts. And everybody enjoys a free gift, especially the working professional!

By offering merchandise with clear logos or company images, you can spread the word of your business silently as other guests observe.

3. Interactive Events or Presentations

Imagine walking into a trade show with a crowd of people. You don't know where to look or go with so many options around. But then you notice someone standing at the front of an audience announcing a raffle or a game.

This is the type of positive energy and attention you want to draw in at your booth. By offering a raffle every so often or playing an interactive game, you can draw in interest from players and observers alike.

Get creative and inventive about keeping the audience engaged, and offer a type of reward if you can. Apart from raffles or games, you can hold open Q&As or demonstrate your product or service.

4. Video Screens

We live in the digital and information age, and the most attractive way today of sharing info is on a screen or monitor. Whether it's on a television, computer, tablet, or phone, people are tapped into their screens more than ever.

Use this to your advantage. Bring a monitor or television that you can either set up on a table or mount to some sort of prop.

You can either use a simple background with your company logo or a static image on the screen, or else go for personalized video content. This can be anything from shots of your business in action to a quick introduction to your product or service.

This is an excellent opportunity to flex your creative skills an offer something eye-catching. What's more, once the trade show is over, any segments or videos can be used in other areas on internet marketing.

5. Branded Props and Scenery

A quick Google search will bring up a range of colorful and attractive prop and scenery ideas for trade shows.

Businesses can feature cardboard pillars and wraps, large backdrops, colorful lights programmed to music, and banner stands, just to name a few.

The key here is to brand whatever props or scenery you choose. If a visitor can look to a beautiful backdrop to find your company logo, they're much more likely to try and learn more about the business.

Brand everything appearing at the trade show including props, table covers, skirts, pamphlets, pens, stands, etc. If you can imagine it, the sky is basically your design limit; just make sure you put your name somewhere it can be seen.

6. An Open, Inviting Booth

Making sure people feel welcome when they approach your booth is a key to drawing in and retaining visitors. A simple table between you and the visitor can scare away potential customers, especially if the representative is seated.

The Apple store is a great model to follow. Think of how they put products on display and keep people interacting on the same side of the table. Representatives stand beside potential customers and interact with them in an inviting way.

If you can, get rid of the low table and opt-in for standing booths (which you can brand and personalize with wraps). People can meander and wander around displays without feeling pressured to talk with reps.

You ultimately want to immerse your audience in your brand.

7. A Photo Opportunity

Create an area or a photobooth-style picture opportunity to engage visitors and help them feel a little more comfortable. Get creative and try to pick up on any major or industry-specific trends that can be used professionally.

Displays with cutout windows are useful as well as face cutouts or humourous displays. Consider leveraging any social media trends and creating places for visitors to tag themselves and generate attention on social media.

Other trade show goers will likely want to get involved and showcase that they were at the trade show, too. This kind of engaging opportunity is sure to draw attention in the best ways.

Make Use of These Trade Show Display Ideas

It's up to each business to come up with eye-catching trade show display ideas that resonate with their audience.

And when they have the perfect design in mind, we have the quality products to meet any trade show need!

From banners and stands to flags and table covers, we offer a range of trade show display options that are sure to draw in a crowd. Visit the Arrowhead Sign Company website today to learn more!