8 Attention-Grabbing Tips for Your Trade Show Banner Design

8 Attention-Grabbing Tips for Your Trade Show Banner Design

Posted by Arrowhead Signs on Sep 28th 2018

8 Attention-Grabbing Tips for Your Trade Show Banner Design

Your trade show banner design can pull in crowds or make them turn away with a yawn. Try these graphic design tips for an attention-grabbing banner.

Trade shows are an incredible way to make connections and increase your marketing efforts. But the secret to trade show success is to have an incredible image. Your image is the very thing that will help you stand out from the competition.

There are many visuals aspects you have to focus on, and the banner is the first thing people will see. Your banner needs to pop.

An amazing banner design will ensure people see your brand. But what is good banner design?

When it comes to amazing trade show banner design, follow these 8 tips to ensure your banners look incredible.

1. Identify Your Audience

What's the best way to motivate your audience to approach your booth? Knowing what they want.

Everyone is attracted to certain visuals. Did you know these could vary by industry? Identify visuals which are trending or are stylish to your industry.

Visuals aren't the only way to attract your audience through banner design. Your audience may have specific wants and needs. You can show this through your banner design. Include a slogan or an image of a problem in your niche.

Your banner should convey a message. Whether you're appealing visually or providing a solution to a problem, your banner can speak in many ways.

2. Focus On Less

It's tempting to install neon flashing lights on your banner. You may even consider buying a large neon arrow pointing to your booth. But will this stimulation really attract a larger audience? In most instances, less is more.

You'll receive the most benefits with simple graphics and design. Your wording and slogans should be big and easy to read. Your design should also be crisp and polished -- very professional.

The key to successful banner design is communicating your message with few words and simple designs. This is why you should select your designs and wording carefully.

3. Don't Use All Caps

What's the biggest typography misunderstanding most people make? Putting their wording in all caps. Trust us -- never do this! It gives off the impression you're yelling at your customers. And seriously, who enjoys getting yelled at?

Write in perfect grammar -- capitalize words when it's appropriate. For a banner, you can even capitalize every first letter in your slogan.

Why do so many businesses use all caps in their banner design? It's a misconception that capital letters are easier to read from a distance. In reality, you only need to focus on large letter and a legible font.

As long as you're not using all caps followed by several exclamation points, you'll attract your audience.

4. Use Vivid Images

If you use images in your banner, make sure they're vivid. Industry-related visuals are key, but they should still attract your audience.

Focus on large and colorful images related to your brand, your audience, and your message. These images will help attract new customers. Their eyes will draw to the image and your brand will entice them to come to your booth.

Always make sure your images are easy to interpret. Using nifty and unique designs may make your banner stand out, but they're impossible to interpret.

5. White Space is Your Friend

What is white space? White space, or negative space, is a general term that means any area of blank space.

Even if your banner is another color, such as black, you can still use white space in the banner. White space is any place where there's no wording or design.

You may think adding every little detail and extra graphic will improve your banner, but the more white space, the merrier. That's because white space can enhance your banner design.

White space ensures your banner is easy to read, all the important elements are seen, and your banner design won't look crowded or noisy.

6. Scale the Size

Do you think a small banner can be seen from far away? How about a banner that's smaller than your booth itself?

An overlooked aspect of a banner design is the actual size of the banner. Your banner should be large enough for visitors to see from a distance.

The best practice with the banner design is using a banner that's as wide as your booth. When displayed up high, it will attract an audience without taking away from the actual booth.

Using a smaller banner is obviously problematic, but using a huge banner is just as useless. Your audience will see your large banner, but your booth will look tiny in comparison.

7. The Font Matters

While Old English type of fonts looks cool, they're extremely hard to read. The cursive font might be a stylish option, but cursive doesn't do well at a distance.

That's why easy-to-read fonts are essential when printing slogans on your banner.

Choose classic fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, and Georgia. If you want to stand out, hire a designer to write out a custom font.

8. Consistent Design

If you own a skincare company, do you expect to use pictures of steak in your graphics? Probably not, right?

This won't convey your brand message and pictures of steak won't effectively market your skincare service and products to your audience.

That's why you need a consistent design in your banner. All images, graphics, and slogans should revolve around your brand.

In addition, your banner design should coincide with all aspects of your trade show display. This will make your booth look more organized.

Now You Know All About Trade Show Banner Design

Trade shows are great because you can attract a larger audience. If you plan on appearing at a trade show, it's time to start planning your trade show banner design. But how do you design an exceptional banner?

Focus on simple yet eye-catching designs. All typography should be easy to read and should deliver a clear message. Every aspect of your banner should coincide with your brand and the rest of your trade show visuals.

Do you need an amazing banner designed? Take a look at our services.