How to Prepare For Your First Trade Show

How to Prepare For Your First Trade Show

Jul 10th 2019

Creating a successful brand takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Most business owners understand the value of developing a marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness. In fact, most business owners in the United States spend around 8 percent of their annual gross revenue on marketing.

Having an online presence is a must for modern businesses. However, getting up close and personal with your audience is also important. This is why participating in trade shows is so essential when trying to expand your reach and grow.

If you are trying to prepare for your first trade show, then consider the great tips below.

Take a Look at the Attendee List

Before you can make decisions regarding what a trade show booth design should be or what marketing materials you need to bring along, looking at the attendee list is a must. Most trade show organizers will provide business owners participating in this event a list of who is coming to the show.

By taking a look at this list, you can get an idea of which attendees will be interested in the products or services your company offer. If email addresses are provided on this list, send the people you feel might be interested in your business an informative email. This email should layout what your business offers and what goodies you will have at the trade show for consumers.

Putting Together the Right Team

Trying to handle the running of a trade show booth alone can be overwhelming. This is why enlisting the help of either your employees or an event staffing agency is important. With this help, you can easily field questions from consumers and focus on creating quality sales leads. Having a few meetings with your team before the trade show will allow you to address any concerns or answer any questions they may have.

The last thing you want is for a member of the team to be unable to answer questions posed by the attendees of the event. This may lead to you losing out on lots of potential sales opportunities, which is why bringing your “A-team” to the event is essential.

Provide Attendees With a Lounge Space

Are you looking for a way to make a trade show booth a hit? Providing attendees with a lounge area can help you accomplish this goal. Usually, trades shows are held in very large event spaces. This means people who attend them will do a lot of walking.

Setting up a lounge near your booth is a great way to both get noticed and increase the traffic the display receives. You can take this one step further by providing branded bottles of water to the visitors of the lounge. These branded bottles will turn into walking billboards if the visitors to your lounge carry them around the event.

Your Hard Work Will Pay Off

Properly preparing for a trade show can be grueling work. However, the time and energy you invest in this preparation will pay off when you are able to attract new customers.