Things To Include For Church A-frame Sidewalk Signs: Sign Of The Times

Things To Include For Church A-frame Sidewalk Signs: Sign Of The Times

Jul 26th 2021

If you are a church owner and have invested in a couple of signboards and A-frame sidewalk signs, you probably realize that your church sign does more than just give signs and directions. It offers your visitors security, comfort, and convenience while attracting new members to grow your community. Proper signage is not only essential for branding but also ensures a positive church experience. However, the biggest problem with today’s church signages is that they are neither too terrible nor too great; they are simply just mediocre.

Considering the convenience of digital media and our impulse to Google almost everything, we even avoid using our thinking to create signage for ourselves and end up copying everything that’s out there. In all fairness, one needn’t be a proficient linguist or have a Ph.D. in literature to come up with decent signage. Besides, a little bit of cheekiness can go a long way.

With that being said, here are a few things you must consider while designing church signage:

Location matters the most when it comes to deciding what goes into your signage. Define the purpose of your church signs. If it’s an outdoor sign, you need to highlight the name, address with a warm welcome slogan for the visitors. If indoor signage gives directions, make sure you decide on the appropriate board size and font.

The signs are ultimately for your guests. So, put yourself into their shoes and walk through the building. Identify and list out all the critical areas that might require signage to improve access within the building. Common ones include restrooms, cafeteria, reading room, office, auditorium, and authority cabins.

You don’t always have to narrate a verse from the bible or tell the story of Jesus. Your church signage can tell the story of your community and what binds you together. This adds personality and authenticity to your church’s branding. Assess your church’s logo and decide on a material that matches its style. It’s important to remember that your church’s signage is a powerful tool to guide and communicate the values of your community.

While telling your story, make sure you don’t get overwhelmed and cramp the entire board with too many words. This will only make it difficult for onlookers to read and understand the signage. Aim to keep it simple and subtle. The purpose of signage and A-frame sidewalk signs is to deliver the message shortly and crisply.

Colors play an essential role in setting the tone of your text. Choose appropriate colors to highlight important information. Bright colors such as red and orange demand attention and make it easier for guests to spot across. Apart from conveying information, colors also set your brand’s image while impacting the overall visual appeal of your church.

Most importantly, do not forget to set a budget! If you would like to explore church signage options, please browse our vast collection of quality display signs and customizable print options at affordable rates. Let the sign of the times be in your favor!